Saturday, October 22, 2005


WHAT Anita Shreve says about the writings of Shirley Hazzard: “I really admire Shirley Hazzard. Very convoluted, complex writing. Very difficult writing. I think she’s written the best novel in the English language: The Transit of Venus (1980). Her sentences contain whole universes.”

HAZZARD Shirley [1931-2016] Novelist, short-story writer. Born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. NOVELS The Great Fire (2003: winner of the 2003 National Book Award for Fiction and the 2004 Miles Franklin Award for Best Australian Novel; shortlisted for the 2004 Kiriyama Prize for Fiction and the 2004 Orange Prize for Fiction; longlisted for the 2004 Booker Prize for Fiction); The Transit of Venus (1980: winner of the 1980 National Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction; shortlisted for the 1980 National Book Award for Fiction); The Bay of Noon (1970: shortlisted for the 1970 National Book Award for Fiction); The Evening of the Holiday (1966) STORIES People in Glass Houses: Portraits from Organization Life (1967); Cliffs of Fall (1963) NONFICTION Countenance of Truth: The United Nations and the Waldheim Case (1990); Coming of Age in Australia (1985); Defeat of an Ideal: A Study of the Self-Destruction of the United Nations (1973) MEMOIR Greene on Capri: A Memoir (1999)


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