Saturday, September 16, 2006

Antonia WHITE ... Frost in May (1933)

WHITE Antonia [1899-1980] Novelist, short-story writer. Born Eirene Adeline Botting in London, England. Novels Beyond the Glass (1954); The Sugar House (1952); The Lost Traveller (1950); Frost in May (1933) Stories Strangers (1954) Nonfiction The Hound and the Falcon (1965) Memoirs Living with Minka and Curdy (1970); Minka and Curdy (1957) Drama Three in a Room: A Comedy in Three Acts (1947) Diaries Diaries: Vol. 2: 1958-1979 (ed. Susan Chitty) (1992); Diaries: Vol. 1: 1926-1957 (ed. Susan Chitty) (1991) Autobiography As Once in May: The Early Autobiography of Antonia White and Other Writings (ed. Susan Chitty) (1983) Nonfiction BBC at War (1941)


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