Sunday, October 03, 2010

Geoffrey S. WALKER ... The Bomoh’s Apprentice (MPH Publishing, October 2010)

TRAGICALLY ORPHANED at the age of three, Kutu is adopted by the animist bomoh of Kampung Pokok Tertinggi in the wilds of Borneo. Over the course of the next thirteen years, the powerful sorcerer schools the boy in the supernatural arts, preparing him to take his place when he himself must leave on a perilous quest in the service of the tree-god he worships.

However, before he can be inducted into the office he is fated to hold, disaster strikes, and Kutu the boy-bomoh suddenly finds himself alone in the world—separated perhaps forever from his adoptive father and cast out by the villagers he had been trained to serve. Will his magical powers suffice to overcome the dangers he must face if he hopes to survive?

A spellbinding fantasy that celebrates the timeless, exotic allure of the Land Below the Wind, The Bomoh’s Apprentice will delight readers of all ages with its rich cast of characters and the thrilling twists and turns of its plot.

OCTOBER 2010 / CHILDREN’S FICTION / 5.15 x 7.75 / 400pp / SOFTCOVER / 978-967-5222-81-8

GEOFFREY S. WALKER first read about Borneo as a young boy and his fascination with the island has stayed with him ever since. In 2004, following a successful career in advertising, he left the United States and settled in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. As a member of the Sabah Society, he has had the opportunity to explore many parts of Borneo that are well off the beaten track, and these experiences helped shape his first novel, The Bomoh’s Apprentice.


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