Monday, December 19, 2005


One of the wonderful fiction débuts of 2005!

JIM LYNCH’s début novel, The Highest Tide (Bloomsbury, 2005), is one of my favourite novels of 2005. Set against the tidal flats of Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest state of Washington, I love it especially for its taut, lyrical prose and gripping narrative power, spirituality and the wonderful character of Miles O’Malley, the introverted 13-year-old narrator, protagonist and voice of this sad yet hauntingly funny story of growing up. Lynch has an excellent feel for landscape and in his hands, the grandeur of the Pacific Northwest comes alive with a power that is at once raw and wondrous.

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LYNCH Jim [1961-] Novelist. Born James Lynch in San Diego, California, U.S. NOVEL The Highest Tide (2005)

Other books set in the Pacific Northwest
Snow Falling on Cedars / David Guterson
Waxwings (2003) / Jonathan Raban


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