Tuesday, November 01, 2005


LET’S TALK ABOUT ... Paula Fox
The Coldest Winter: A Stringer in Liberated Europe
(Henry Holt and Co., 2005)

PAULA FOX is back with the follow-up to her acclaimed memoir, Borrowed Finery (2001). It is called The Coldest Winter: A Stringer in Liberated Europe (2005). In Borrowed Finery, the resilient Fox wrote about her traumatic childhood. In her heart-wrenching new memoir, she writes in spare, honest prose about her experiences as a stringer for a small British news service in post-World War II Europe, a continent still in ruins, and meeting such luminaries as Paul Robeson, Billie Holiday and Jean-Paul Sartre. On meeting famous people, she writes: “People, some of them now names on headstones, were walking around the city in the days of my youth, and you might run into them in all sorts of places. I met Duke Ellington on a flight of marble steps leading down from an exhibit by the painter Stuart Davis.”

FOX Paula [1923-] Novelist, memoirist, children’s writer. Born in New York, New York, U.S. NOVELS The God of Nightmares (1990); A Servant’s Tale (1984); The Widow’s Children (1976); The Western Coast (1972); Desperate Characters (1970); Poor George (1967) MEMOIRS The Coldest Winter: A Stringer in Liberated Europe (2005); Borrowed Finery (2001: winner of the 2002 PEN/Martha Albrand Award for the Art of the Memoir; shortlisted for the 2002 National Book Critics Circle Award for Biography/Autobiography) CHILDREN’S How Many Miles to Babylon? (2005); Amzat and His Brothers: Three Italian Tales (1999); Radiance Descending (1997); The Eagle Kite (1995: published in the U.S. as The Gathering Darkness); Western Wind (1993); Monkey Island (1991); In a Place of Danger (1988: published in the U.S. as The Village by the Sea); The Stone-Faced Boy (1987); Lili and the Lost Boy (1987); The Moonlight Man (1986); One-Eyed Cat (1984); A Place Apart (1980); The Little Swinehead and Other Tales (1978); The Slave Dancer (1973: winner of the 1974 Newberry Award for Children’s Fiction); Blowfish Live in the Sea (1970); The King’s Falcon (1969); Portrait of Ivan (1969); Dear Prosper (1968); A Likely Place (1967); Maurice’s Room (1966)

Fiction: The Widow’s Children (1976); Desperate Characters (1970)
Nonfiction: The Coldest Winter: A Stringer in Liberated Europe (2005); Borrowed Finery (2001)


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