Friday, March 18, 2011

Black and Whites and Other New Short Stories from Malaysia

CCC PRESS of the United Kingdom announces the next anthology of new writing in its World Englishes Literature Fiction series:

Black and Whites and Other
New Short Stories from Malaysia
Edited by Macdonald Daly & Emma Dawson
(CCC Press, May 2011)

The World Englishes Literature Fiction series, featured on the BBC World Service in February 2011, introduces readers to new, emerging fiction in Englishes from around the world. The Series has already published anthologies of new short stories from Cameroon, Nigeria, Uganda and Kenya. (Find out more at

The next exciting volume from CCC Press is a volume of new short stories from Malaysia. In the title story, written by Janet Tay, the reader is taken into the double life of Ming Huang as he sits by his dying father’s bedside. What can he say to his father in these last days? He can’t even reassure his father that he will continue to run the family kopi tiam (coffee shop). In the father’s morphine-induced sleep, he mistakes his son for his wife, who died when Ming Huang was only five, but how can Ming Huang be mistaken for his own mother? And why are his cheeks stained with mascara-tears …?

The other stories in the collection touch on many aspects of Malaysian life, from funeral rites to urban living, dreams and ambitions of young hearts and memories of Ah Poh.

Writers and stories featured in this new anthology include:

“After the Funeral” / Daphne Lee
“Of Life, Death and Money” / Chang Shih Yen
“The Fountain” / Shih-Li Kow
“A Long Sigh Goodnight” / Fadzlishah Johanabas bin Rosli
“Before I Sleep” / Joanna Van
“Colours of Glory” / Chua Kok Yee

Black and Whites and Other New Short Stories From Malaysia | May 2011
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