Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bill BRYSON ... The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid (2006)

BILL BRYSON, one of my favourite writers, has a new book out, a memoir called The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid (2006). I enjoy his travel books immensely; he has an eye for the lively anecdote and never fail to come up with beautiful turns of phrase sprinkled with a delicious cocktail of affection, cynicism, humour and irony.

BRYSON Bill [1951-] Travel writer, humourist. Born William McGuire Bryson in Des Moines, Iowa, U.S. Travel Bill Bryson’s African Diary (2002); Down Under (published in the U.S. as In a Sunburned Country) (2000); Notes from a Big Country (published in the U.S. as I’m a Stranger Here Myself: Notes on Returning to America After Twenty Years Away) (1998); A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail (1997); Notes from a Small Island (1995); Neither Here Nor There: Travels in Europe (1993); The Lost Continent: Travels in Small Town America (1989) Nonfiction A Short History of Nearly Everything (2003: winner of the 2004 Aventis Science Book Prize); Troublesome Words (2002); Made in America: An Informal History of the English Language in the United States (1994); Mother Tongue: English and How It Got That Way (1989); Troublesome Words (published in the U.S. as Bryson’s Dictionary of Troublesome Words: A Writer’s Guide to Getting It Right) (1982) Biography Shakespeare (2007) Memoir The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid (2006)

Travel Down Under (published as In a Sunburned Country in the U.S.) (2000); A Walk in the Woods (1997); The Lost Continent (1989)


Blogger Lydia Teh said...

The cover designs are very eye-catching and has a unique theme to it. Just started reading Notes from a Small Island.

Monday, July 10, 2006 7:43:00 PM  
Blogger Eric Forbes said...

I read Notes from a Small Island a decade ago and enjoyed it tremendously. The Lost Continent is supposedly his best. Get hold of it if you can.

Monday, July 10, 2006 8:39:00 PM  
Blogger Lydia Teh said...

Definitely can't keep up with your reading habit, Eric. Will be a pauper if I do and my kids will be sent to the orphanage :)

Thursday, July 13, 2006 12:01:00 AM  
Blogger Jacobo said...

I read Down Under, and A Short History of Almost Everything, and I really liked his way of telling things. I think his secret is that he really enjoys what he is talking about.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006 11:38:00 AM  

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